At Horizon, we pride ourselves on our work, aiming for 100% client satisfaction by focusing on three critical elements of creating a successful business relationship with our clients: Skilled People, Fast and Precise Deliverables and Reliable Service.

Skilled People

Our professionals are our most valuable assets, setting us apart from our competition. The Horizon team is committed to giving you our personal best quality and service.

Fast & Precise

Horizon Sheet Metal, Inc. combines state-of-the art equipment and trained professionals to meet impeccable standards of quality and demanding turnaround times. With our 4000 Watt Laser and CNC Sheet Metal Processing facilities, we provide quick and precise Cutting, Punching, and Forming.


When you need product on schedule and on budget, you can count on Horizon. Our customers rely on our efficient and innovative approach to their needs. We quickly identify critical factors for each project, yielding superior results with extreme attention to detail.